Don’t Give Haters Your Power

There has been a lot of talk about “haters” recently. “Haters” are people who always have something bad to say no matter the circumstance. Haters are overrated. We give them way too much power. Let’s see “hating” for what it is – a huge distraction that keeps us from achieving our purposes. If we can’t use our haters to motivate us, at the least we should ignore them. Think about it, when we allow anyone to distract us from our goals we become our own haters.

Today let’s be motivated to ignoring the distractions that may keep us from reaching our potential. A little motivation is all we need.

Forget Regret

Should of, could of, would of, but didn’t. At times we get stuck in the past, thinking of all our mistakes and missed opportunities. But the past is just that — past. There is nothing that we can do to go back in time and remedy what has already happened. What we must do is move forward from the past, taking the lessons learned ahead with us and leaving everything else behind. Someone once said regret is the cancer of life. It eats away at us.

Today let’s be motivated to forgetting our regrets as we work toward a glorious future. A little motivation is all we need!