You are Your Best Health Care Advocate

No one knows our bodies better than we do. But for some reason many of us become intimidated when we go to the doctor. Often we don’t ask questions and we don’t speak up when something may seem out-of-place. Health care professionals are our partners in achieving optimum health. We, as the consumer, must play our roles for the partnership to work. We should be in tune with our bodies and do our own research; ask questions, seek second or third opinions.

Today, let’s be motivated to being our best health care advocate. A little motivation is all we need!


Discover the Optimist in You

An optimist is defined as someone who expects the best possible outcome or dwells on the most hopeful aspects of a situation. You know that person – who always sees the best in everything. It’s not than an optimist doesn’t notice the negative. An optimist chooses to focus on the positive instead.  An optimist tries to turn every negative situation into a positive one. Ask yourself, “How do I approach life? Do I see the cup as being half empty or half full?

Today, let’s be motivated to becoming an optimist by focusing on the positive at all times. A little motivation is all we need!

Tough Times Never Last

Ever heard stories about the Great Depression? When some of the rich lost all their riches they chose to end it all. But life continued for most people. And though most people didn’t have much, some had nothing at all; they did whatever it took to make it through that time.  Think about after hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We made it through! Whatever it is that you may be going through, you must be tough, because this too shall pass. Tough times never last, tough people do.

Today, let’s be motivated to becoming tough, so that we can weather whatever time. A little motivation is all we need!

Don’t be Afraid of Your Success

When we come from humble beginnings we are sometimes hesitant to embrace our full success. We may dumb-down ourselves, hide our education, shun our accomplishments – and worst of all create a ceiling that prevents us from our ultimate success and reaching our full potential. We must not let fear, guilt, other people’s opinions or anything else keep us from succeeding.  We must embrace our success, encourage our success, share our success, and always, keep striving for success.       

Today let’s be motivated to celebrating our success and climbing upward and onward. A little motivation is all we need!


Thank You

“Thank you” are only two words, but they go such a long way. No matter our circumstance, we have so much to be thankful for. As we move through each day, we should say “thank you” to the people who have helped us in some way. On a larger scale, we should thank the people who have made our lives, or dreams, our careers – possible. What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for?

Today let’s be motivated to showing our gratitude, in whatever way we know how. Saying thank you is a simple first step. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need!


Feed Your Spirit

Three square meals and two snacks a day. 2000 calories. Carbs, protein, fruits and vegetables. How much do you feed your stomachs per day? How much do you feed your spirit? Our physical needs are always apparent – food, water, clothes and shelter – at the minimum. As spiritual beings, we must remember to take care of spiritual needs. Keep in touch with the universe, a higher power, the essence in us that we can feel but can’t see.

Today let’s be motivated to feeding our spirits as well as our stomachs. A little motivation is all we need!


Take the First Step

After we’ve cultivated our hopes, dreams and goals, putting them into action may seem an overwhelming task. Doubt and fear may cripple us from taking that first step. But we must move. We must act. Go ahead and register for that class, get that business license, call a realtor – whatever your goal, only you have the power to make it happen; but you must act – act now.     Remember that the journey of a million miles begin with one step.

Today let’s be motivated to taking the first step to achieving our goals. A little motivation is all we need!


Be Yourself

You are beautiful!  You are talented!  You are unique! You are worthy! You are a child of God! Our higher power accepts us just as we are. We must also accept ourselves. Sure, we’re not perfect. Sure, there are things about ourselves we can all improve. But if we get into the habit of changing who we are to be accepted by others, we are doing a disservice to the masterpiece that the most high created. We are worthy to be accepted for who we are.

Today let’s be motivated to being ourselves, accepting ourselves – we are all one-of-a-kind miracles. A little motivation is all we need!