Living in the Past

Many of us revel in the past – past mistakes, past regrets, past hurts and past opportunities. In order to have a glorious future, we cannot live in the past. When we are looking backward, we can never move forward. We must use the information from our past to create a roadmap for a better future. What are your goals and aspirations? How have the lessons you’ve learned along the way made it easier for you to accomplish your goals?

Today, let’s be motivated to leaving the past behind us, so that we can claim a bright future. A little motivation is all we need.


We will not keep doing things as we always have. Change will happen. Think about the past five years – and all the changes that we’ve seen, in our lives, at work, in the country, in the world. Some say change is good; others say change is bad.  Change is inevitable – it will happen, it must happen. Some change we can control; others we cannot. To better handle change we must keep learning, always be prepared and be flexible enough to adapt.

Today, let’s be motivated to preparing ourselves for change so that we can handle it, not if it comes, but when it comes. A little motivation is all we need!

Give What People are Willing to Receive

Have you ever given someone a gift that they never use? Perhaps the gift was expensive, perhaps it meant a lot to you, but what did the gift mean to the person who got it? Giving is not about the giver. It is about the receiver. When we give, we should try to give what the other person is willing or needs to receive. That goes for gifts, compliments, criticism, advice – everything.

Today let’s be motivated to analyzing how the things we give will benefit the person who we want to receive it. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need!


Just Do It

Procrastination at times gets the best of us. We put off things we need to do for….whatever the reason. Sometimes we must delay doing something. Other times we wait until… tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, when the children grow up, after I lose some weight, after I become rich, when I retire. Procrastination can become bad habit, with us putting off doing things that are necessary. We cannot advance if we procrastinate. Life is short. Some things we just should not put off. What have you been putting off?

Today, let’s be motivated to “Just Do It.” A little motivation is all we need!

Charisma is Not Character

Some people have the ability to make our hearts skip a beat, give us butterflies in our stomachs and put us on cloud nine. That’s called charisma. And it feels good to be charmed. But as we build relationships we should note that character should count more than charisma. People are not going to be charming all the time, but their character will be ever-present. What are some character traits you desire in the people with whom you form relationships?

Today let’s be motivated to look for character and not only charisma as we build relationships. A little motivation is all we need!

Who Are You?

We all play so many different roles. A parent, child; a sister, brother; an employee, employer; a Christian, Muslim, Rastafari; an executive, a leader; a woman, a man – the list goes on. Often when someone asks “Who are you” we answer by saying where we work, what we do, who we are married to, how many children we have. Do those things define who we are? At times we are so consumed with our roles and the expectations of others that we forget who we are.

Today let’s be motivated to asking ourselves “Who am I” and finding the true answer. A little motivation is all we need!

Judge Not

Everyone has a story to tell. Each story contains things that we would rather NOT tell. For some reason, those are things that people always seem to focus on. Without knowing our full story, people judge us. We all have fallen victim to judgment. But if we examine ourselves, we will realize that we too have judged others. We too have come to conclusions and criticized the mistakes, lifestyles and decisions of others. Sometimes judging others is a way of making us feel better. Let’s us look for other ways to spend our time and make ourselves feel good.

Today, let’s be motivated to celebrating the strengths of each other, and resisting the temptation to judge. A little motivation is all we need!



When Chaos Ensues, Strengthen Your Family

October was a bloody month in the Virgin Islands. Within one week we lived through FIVE MURDERS, which included two double murders, and several other non-fatal shootings. All of the victims were under the age of 40 and as young as 20. The entire territory FEELS the pain associated with those senseless acts of violence. We either were related to the victims, were friends with them, or know someone who was related to them or friends with them.

At the very least, all of us have questioned the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Then there was a bank robbery and jewelry store robbery. And while violence makes all of us question our safety, we cannot overlook white-collar crime where corrupt officials swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from government coffers. What is the Virgin Islands coming to? Are we to accept murders, shootings, and crimes as a regular part of our lives? Are we supposed to suspect that most government officials are power hungry, money hungry thieves?

 I have started to seriously question my decision to live and raise a family in the Virgin Islands. It is no longer the community that I was raised in. It no longer provides the foundation that so many of us cherish. Just how do we return the Virgin Islands to the place that we so loved? It will be difficult.

Our education system is substandard and our children fall woefully behind in national statistics. The cost of living here is one of the highest in the nation, while salaries are among the lowest, which means that many adults must work more than one job. So children are left to raise themselves. Even grandma and grandpa aren’t at home anymore to help out– because they too are working. As the VI Police Department buys back guns and steps up patrols, successfully taking more guns off the streets – we see that gun crime is not decreasing. It’s clear that our boarders, ports, marinas and shores are left wide open to the infiltration of guns and drugs.

Fixing our education system, our economy and protecting our boarders sadly will take some time – because of course, politics is involved. But what we can do right now, is strengthen our families. The family is the building block of every society. Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities make strong nations. It is through the family structure that morals and values are imparted. And love is the nucleus of all families. Regardless of how many jobs we have, we must take time to raise our children; and if for some reason we can’t, we must ask for help.

Right now, ask yourself, “What can I do to make my family stronger.” If you don’t have the answer, ask your parents, members of the faith-based community – our simply ask someone whose family you look up to and admire. A few suggestions are to:

• Make your family your number one priority.

• Spend a set amount of time each day together as a family. That time may be eating breakfast or dinner together each day. Or doing daily devotions upon rising or before sleeping.

• Spend as set amount of time each week as a family. For example Friday nights could be family nights – to do something fun with the family.

• Regularly visit your children’s school. Remember that by law, government employees are allowed two hours per month, per child, for school visits.

• Talk to your family, but also listen. Communication goes both ways. • Lead by example.

• Take time to relax, reenergize and rejuvenate so that you don’t get burnt out.

• Most important, do everything with love.

Your family depends on it; and so does this community.