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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

“Show me you love me and you don’t have to say a word.” -Charlie Wilson

Love is an action. Today and every day, commit to taking action to show your loved ones that you love them. How do you show love? Here’s a video with some actionable tips for showing love! Join me for a year of Intentional Acts of Love.



Show Love! Live Love! Be Love!

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It’s Ok to Say No

It’s hard for people to take advantage of us without our permission. So why do we get upset when we feel that we are being used? We often consciously or subconsciously give people permission to take advantage us because we are unwilling to say this simple word: no. When we are asked to do something that we cannot do with a willing heart or something that makes everything else a priority except ourselves, we should consider saying no.

Today let’s be motivated to doing things with all the love it deserves and if we can’t consider saying no. A little motivation is all we need!


Judge Not

Everyone has a story to tell. Each story contains things that we would rather NOT tell. For some reason, those are things that people always seem to focus on. Without knowing our full story, people judge us. We all have fallen victim to judgment. But if we examine ourselves, we will realize that we too have judged others. We too have come to conclusions and criticized the mistakes, lifestyles and decisions of others. Sometimes judging others is a way of making us feel better. Let’s us look for other ways to spend our time and make ourselves feel good.

Today, let’s be motivated to celebrating the strengths of each other, and resisting the temptation to judge. A little motivation is all we need!