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Accept People for Who They Are

One day a woman was walking and she saw a snake. The snake said that he was hungry, cold and lonely and begged the woman to take him home with her. She said, “you’re a snake. I can’t take you home.” But the snake begged and begged. She took the snake home and took care of him. One day the snake bit her. In shock she said, “you bit me. How could you do that!” The snake replied, “you knew I was a snake when you took me home.”

Today, let’s be motivated to accepting people for who they show us they are, not what we want them to be. A little motivation is all we need!

Don’t be Afraid of Your Success

When we come from humble beginnings we are sometimes hesitant to embrace our full success. We may dumb-down ourselves, hide our education, shun our accomplishments – and worst of all create a ceiling that prevents us from our ultimate success and reaching our full potential. We must not let fear, guilt, other people’s opinions or anything else keep us from succeeding.  We must embrace our success, encourage our success, share our success, and always, keep striving for success.       

Today let’s be motivated to celebrating our success and climbing upward and onward. A little motivation is all we need!