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Let Food Be Your Medicine

Recent scientific studies have shown that taking vitamin pills brings little health benefits. What doctors are recommending this that we get the majority of or vitamins from the food that we eat, not pills that we take. That means eating lots of fruits and vegetables, eating fresh foods over highly processed foods, and reducing our intake of salt and other preservatives. This idea is hardly new. Greek physician Hippocrates said it best, “let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

Today let’s be motivated to eating the right foods; our health depends on it. A little motivation is all we need.

You are Your Best Health Care Advocate

No one knows our bodies better than we do. But for some reason many of us become intimidated when we go to the doctor. Often we don’t ask questions and we don’t speak up when something may seem out-of-place. Health care professionals are our partners in achieving optimum health. We, as the consumer, must play our roles for the partnership to work. We should be in tune with our bodies and do our own research; ask questions, seek second or third opinions.

Today, let’s be motivated to being our best health care advocate. A little motivation is all we need!