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I Surrender

Father God, Most High Creator, I surrender all to you. You created me and dwell within me. You know my heart’s desires; but even better you know my needs. I surrender all power and control to you, knowing through faith that you will direct my steps accordingly. The hardest part for me is letting go. Please allow me to let go- not just today, but always. As I follow your lead, help me to accept that there are things I may not understand. Help me to realize if there are things I don’t understand, it’s likely that my friends and family won’t understand either. Please God, don’t let outside chatter distract me from your path. My God, you have never failed me yet. Please help me to always remember that. Dear God, you have always given me what I’ve asked for. But often what I’ve asked for, and gotten, was not what I needed. Help me to remember that. I love you. I honor you. Help me to remember that I am not in control – you are. This is my prayer.

Let it Go

If it hurts instead of soothes – let it go.

If it sickens instead of heals – let it go.

If it disrespects instead of honors us – let it go.

If it brings worries instead of peace – let it go.

If it causes frowns instead of smiles – let it go.

If it causes confusion instead of calm – let it go.  

If it causes despair instead of hope – let it go.

If it causes doubt instead of confidence – let it go.  

If it causes fear instead of love – let it go.

Today, let’s be motivated to letting go of all the things that keep us back. A little motivation is all we need.