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We Deserve to be Happy

If we’re not happy where we are, we have the power to fix it. Sometimes we stay in a place or situation where we are utterly miserable simply because we are afraid of change. The fear, doubt and what-ifs creep into our heads and paralyze us. But only we have the power to change our situations. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we all deserve to be happy. If we are not at that place, it’s not too late.

Today let’s be motivated to making a conscious choice to reclaim our happiness. A little motivation is all we need.

Things Money Can’t Buy

We all enjoy the things that money can buy – cars, vacations, jewelry. Some things that we buy are necessary – food, water, paying for shelter. But there are things that no amount of money can buy – health, friendship, respect, happiness, peace of mind, love. We tend to glorify the things that have price tags attached. In reality, how important are those things? How much do those things really mean to our development as individuals? How much do they contribute to our development as a people?

Today, let’s be motivated to celebrating the things in life that are priceless. A little motivation is all we need!