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Are You Suffering from “Harden’ness”?


As a child growing upon the Virgin Islands when we wouldn’t listen to and obey adults, we were accused of being “harden.'” The word was used often to describe defiant, disobedient children who would not take instructions from adults, no matter what. It was synonymous with unruly children. I think that all of my peers were told by an adult “yo too harden,'” at some point in our childhoods. Surely if adults called you “harden'” it was not a good thing. It wasn’t until, I got older that I really understood the word – which is actually hardened, with a “d” at the end (that we in the VI never pronounced). The real word – hardened – is an adjective that can be used to describe anyone, not only a child, who is so set in their ways that nothing can change them. While it’s not usual to hear the term used towards adults, it very well can be. As adults sometimes we make up our minds – and because we have declared a stance on a particular subject, or because we have always been doing things in a certain way – nothing can change us; we become hardened. It’s ok to change. It’s ok to change your opinion. It’s ok to change your lifestyle. It’s ok to change your plans. It’s ok to change your feelings. It’s ok. None of us should become so hardened that we are unwilling to change. But even worse, none of us should become so hardened that we do not listen to God. Lots of times the Most High shows us that we should do things differently. That we should behave differently. That we should think differently. That we should live differently. But we don’t; and we remain hardened. In reality we are no different from an unruly child who refuses counsel from someone wiser. The thing about hardenedness is that deep down we know that we should change. Sometimes everything and everyone in our lives show us that we should change. We know that we are being defiant for no reason, or that we are being defiant against good reason. Listen to your inside voice. Listen to God. Suffering from “harden’ness” is a choice. Let’s choose not to suffer.

Do Everything unto the Lord

Colossians Chapter 3, vs 23 says “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Who do you work for? No matter our respective jobs or roles, we must recognize how our day-to-day tasks fit into our purpose in life. With that realization we should always give our best. How we do the work that we do is a reflection of ourselves and the higher purpose that we hope to achieve.  

Today let’s be motivated to doing everything as unto our Higher Power.  A little motivation is all we need!

Thank You

“Thank you” are only two words, but they go such a long way. No matter our circumstance, we have so much to be thankful for. As we move through each day, we should say “thank you” to the people who have helped us in some way. On a larger scale, we should thank the people who have made our lives, or dreams, our careers – possible. What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for?

Today let’s be motivated to showing our gratitude, in whatever way we know how. Saying thank you is a simple first step. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need!


Be Yourself

You are beautiful!  You are talented!  You are unique! You are worthy! You are a child of God! Our higher power accepts us just as we are. We must also accept ourselves. Sure, we’re not perfect. Sure, there are things about ourselves we can all improve. But if we get into the habit of changing who we are to be accepted by others, we are doing a disservice to the masterpiece that the most high created. We are worthy to be accepted for who we are.

Today let’s be motivated to being ourselves, accepting ourselves – we are all one-of-a-kind miracles. A little motivation is all we need!

Do Good Anyway

 Bad things sometimes happen to good people. Be good anyway. We should never get caught up in keeping score of the bad things that have happened to us, or how we have been wronged. Focusing our energies on the negative, yields negative results. Focus on the positives in your life and others. Never allow negative experiences to change your positive energy. Turn those undesirable experiences into positives by promising yourself to do better if you were given the opportunity.

Today let’s be motivated to always doing good and being positive. A little motivation is all we need!

Blessings are for Everyone

Blessings are available to everyone. The universe does not put a ration on how much blessings can go around. The Creator doesn’t say “I’ve already blessed enough people, so sorry, your blessings will have to wait.” Sometimes when we see blessings pouring down on others we look at our own lives and become discouraged. We think if someone has it all, then there won’t be anything left for us. The truth is that the Most High wants to bless you just as much as the other person. But you must live in expectation of your blessings.

Today, let’s be motivated to expect our blessings. A little motivation is all we need!


I Love Me!

When was the last time you said I love you – to yourself? In our quest to show our loved ones that we care, we sometimes forget to show love to ourselves. We get caught up in caring for everyone else, and fulfilling our own emotional, mental and spiritual needs is last on our list. Buying yourself a new pair of shoes is not loving yourself. Treating yourself with kindness, forgiveness, honesty and respect is. When we love ourselves, we also encourage others to treat us with the same loving-kindness.

Today let’s be motivated to saying “I love you” to ourselves, and treating ourselves accordingly. A little motivation is all we need!