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Prayer for the Unemployed

Today my prayer is for the unemployed. It’s such a struggle for many of us who work to make ends meet. Creator please meet all of our needs, especially those who may have no job or income at this time. Please keep the unemployed in high spirits and right minds. During this period, help the unemployed to discover their talents and purpose; positioning them to create new employment for themselves or being prepared for when an opportunity arises. Help them to know that the world needs their gifts and talents, so that they may continue to serve You even during this time. Hear my prayer oh Lord. Selah.

Give What People are Willing to Receive

Have you ever given someone a gift that they never use? Perhaps the gift was expensive, perhaps it meant a lot to you, but what did the gift mean to the person who got it? Giving is not about the giver. It is about the receiver. When we give, we should try to give what the other person is willing or needs to receive. That goes for gifts, compliments, criticism, advice – everything.

Today let’s be motivated to analyzing how the things we give will benefit the person who we want to receive it. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need!