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Solve Conflicts

We’re all different. It’s our differences that make us human. Differences also create conflicts. It’s normal to disagree with each other. It’s HOW we handle our disagreements that show our character. Screaming, cursing, hitting, – don’t solve anything, they actually make things worse. When emotions are running high, it is sometimes hard for us to think of ways to logically solve our disagreements. But it’s during those times that we must not lose control. Focus on solving the problem at hand, through compromise, if possible. If all else fails, we can agree to disagree.  

Today, let’s be motivated to logically find solutions to our conflicts. Sometimes a little motivation is all we need!


Silent Conflicts

Sometimes we think as conflicts only as physical confrontations or big show downs. We think if we keep our mouths shut, then our problems will be solved. In reality, conflicts represent a differing of opinions. Often conflicts arise because poor communication may keep those involved from understanding what the other person’s opinion is, and why they have that opinion. Being silent usually doesn’t solve conflicts, it allows it to fester. Many marriages, friendships and families have been split apart because of silent conflicts.

Today let’s be motivated to solving our conflicts through open, honest, fair and respectful communication. A little motivation is all we need!