FYI: I’m Single

A few months ago I was having a conversation with a male colleague. The conversation veered into our weekend sleeping habits, and I happened to mention that my daughter still sleeps with me. “Your daughter sleeps with you!” my colleague exclaimed in great disbelief. I was shocked at his outburst. His comment made me feel like an incestuous monster that was doing something wrong. So I began explaining how I would put my two-year-old daughter into her own bed, in her own room, only to have her wake up in the wee hours of the morning calling for me. I explained to my co-worker that for my own sanity and good night’s rest, I’ve let my child who is only 26 months old sleep with me.

After explaining away, I started to wonder if in fact I was doing something wrong by allowing this co-sleeping habit. Now, it wasn’t like I had not tried to get her to sleep in her own room and her own bed. As a matter of fact I had succeeded in this feat when she was about 8 months old. But somewhere along the line children develop stuffy noses, coughs and the such. It is so much easier to monitor a sick baby when they are right next to you…. The problem is that after a child regresses into any behavior, it’s back to square one with the re-programing. To make a long story short….she was back in my bed. Not that this was any of my co-worker’s business – a male co-worker at that. But for some reason his comment bothered me, so I decided to do some research.

What I found out is that parents often let their children co-sleep with them into the toddler years. But SINGLE MOTHERS are more likely to allow their children to sleep in their beds. Then it dawned on me! My colleague must not know that I’m single! Finally it all made sense! He surely had known what happened with my daughter’s father. He probably thought I was dating by now. So here I am, a young sexy woman who is also a mother. My co-worker obviously believes that I have steamy love life! Of course no children would be allowed in the bedroom of a vixen! (Yep, I got ego tripping.) Then I started to wonder just how many other men wrongly think that I’m in a relationship! “Oh no. This isn’t good for someone who doesn’t plan on being single for much longer,” I thought to myself. As for my two-year old, she has moved out of my room. And for your information: I’m single.

6 thoughts on “FYI: I’m Single”

  1. LOL, nanyamka, you are too much!!! but you have a point. folks won’t know if you don’t tell them.

    another assumption. if a woman spends a lot of time with a male friend (if he is not gay), then they must be sleeping together or headed in that direction. i have friends who are men but not my boyfriends. i am single. no longer young, so the men don’t flock like they used to. so i get to relax my spirit.

    1. My 10 month old sleep 7pm to 8am and then usually goes back after her lunch aruond half 12 til aruond half 2 to 3ish.At 5 months she was doing roughly what your little man is, 7-7 and then every 2-2.5 hours would go down for aruond 45min to an hour so judging by lil lady I don’t think so. She’s perfectly happy and healthy.At the end of the day, if he’s healthy and happy and needs his sleep then he’s fine, he needs good sleep to help him grow.If you get too concerned speak to your GP or midwife.

  2. Nanyamka, well said…I certainly understand children sleeping with their parent. Both my boys, while I was single slept with me well past toddler age. When they were ready and felt comfortable sleeping in their own beds in their own room then they moved on. Perhaps my paranoia, more than anything kept them with me longer than usual.

    1. Glad to know that I’m not the only one! What I’ve also realized is that men an women have different opinions about co-sleeping. I’m glad that your boys have moved on. 🙂

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