I Love Me!

When was the last time you said I love you – to yourself? In our quest to show our loved ones that we care, we sometimes forget to show love to ourselves. We get caught up in caring for everyone else, and fulfilling our own emotional, mental and spiritual needs is last on our list. Buying yourself a new pair of shoes is not loving yourself. Treating yourself with kindness, forgiveness, honesty and respect is. When we love ourselves, we also encourage others to treat us with the same loving-kindness.

Today let’s be motivated to saying “I love you” to ourselves, and treating ourselves accordingly. A little motivation is all we need!


Share Our Dreams

We’ve often been told to dream big. Sometimes our dreams seem too big, too outrageous, to tell anyone.  But we must share our dreams. We must choose carefully the people with whom we share our dreams. Some people are dream makers, others are dream breakers. We should share our dreams with the people who wholeheartedly love us, support us and want to see us succeed. Share our dreams with people who can be our personal cheerleaders. In times when may lose focus of our dreams, our dream makers will be there reminding us, pushing us along the way and never allowing us to give up.

Today, let’s be motivated to sharing our dreams with our own personal dream makers. A little motivation is all we need!


Say It With A Smile

Customer service experts tell us to greet our customers with a smile, and smile even when we answer the phone – that the person on the other end can feel it. Don’t limit yourself to smiling for customers only. Smile at your children, smile at your spouse, smile at your co-workers, smile at yourself, smile at everyone. A smile has a way of relieving uneasiness and conveying warmth. It brings a special energy and compassion to everything we say. And smiles are contagious! When we smile at someone they tend to smile too.

Today let’s be motivated to saying everything with a smile. A little motivation is all we need!

Each Person Has Something to Give

Each one of us has something to contribute to humanity. It doesn’t matter our socio economic background, our level of education, what family we came from, our race, where we were born, none of those things. Each of us has a calling – a specific thing that we were born to do, that no one else can do exactly like us. In order to be true to ourselves and contribute uniquely to humanity, we must find our calling. It’s not what anyone tells us we should be. It is what our spirit shows us we must be.

Today let’s be motivated to finding our calling. A little motivation is all we need!

Celebrate our Similarities

All of us have more things in common than we think. Too often we highlight our differences. If we look closely we’ll realize that we have more similarities than we do differences. The same hopes and dreams of a young man in the Virgin Islands, is often the same hopes and dreams of a young man in New York. The same wishes a mother in Kenya has for her children are often the same wishes a mother in Indonesia has for her children. One thing we all have in common is our humanity.  

Today let’s be motivated to celebrating our similarities and all we have in common as human beings. A little motivation is all we need!

Get Back Up

We all have made mistakes, done things wrong, made big messes! Sometimes we slip, sometimes we fall, other times we are pushed down. At times we’ve fallen on our faces, flat on our backs or squarely on our butts. At this time it doesn’t matter how you fell, why you fell or who pushed you down. Yes, there are lessons to learn when you examine those things. But what matters right now, is that you get back up.

Maybe we have fallen down or perhaps fallen off. Today, let’s be motivated to get back up! A little motivation is all we need!

Motivational Minute

Blessings are available to everyone. The universe does not put a ration on how much blessings can go around. The Creator doesn’t say “I’ve already blessed enough people, so sorry, your blessings will have to wait.” Sometimes when we see blessings pouring down on others we look at our own lives and become discouraged. We think if someone has it all, then there won’t be anything left for us. The truth is that the Most High wants to bless you just as much as the other person. But you must live in expectation of your blessings.

Today, let’s be motivated to expect our blessings. A little motivation is all we need!